How about that Lymphatic….

At The Local Healing Room in Dania Beach there is a small non-discrpit office just off of NE 1st Ave that provides Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Lymphatic Therapy.  There are many reason a person might want lymphatic therapy, but it is very different from massage therapy.  This is where people start to get confused.

The average person looking for massage therapy might encounter literature about lymphatic therapy.  The benefits include:

  • Immune System Boost – Most of the immune system communicates or replicates inside of different areas of the lymphatic system. The white blood cells work in areas such as the spleen, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, and interstitial fluid or lymphatic fluid
  • Removes biological waist – Did you eat your breakfast today?  Your cells did.  Your cells consume biological products for energy.  Did you poo today?  Your cells did. After the cell breaks down biological products, there is a biological waist. The cell will spit the waist out of its border.  The area beyond the border is suspended in interstitial fluid. This fluid will make it’s way into the lymphatic vessels.
  • reduction in pain and swelling – if there is damage to any part of the body, lymphatic therapy can reduce the pain by removing the excess swelling. The injury will increase the pressure under the skin when swelling in present. By doing manual lymphatic drainage therapy, the pressure will decrease and so will the pain.
  • speed up healing – prolonged wounds, surgeries, joint replacement, and reconstructive surgery will recover much faster with lymphatic therapy.  In many cases, the bruising will reduce during the lymphatic session.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.50.17 PMWhat is the difference between massage therapy and lymphatic therapy?

Massage therapy is often much deeper then lymphatic therapy. If you look at the picture, you can see the different layers of the skin and the muscle. Massage therapy focus on the muscle, and squishes the lymphatic vessels.  Most the the lymphatic vessels are under the skin and the fat levels.  This is why lymphatic therapy is very “soft”.  That actual technique of manual lymphatic therapy is manipulating the skin.  By working the skin, the lymphatic system can drain.  Most spa-goer’s expect a muscle focus massage and they are disappointed when just the skin is treated. However, many university and independent research has proven, the lighter the treatment, the more effective the treatment.  If you want the feel of a massage and work out knots, the a Swedish or deep tissue is the best option. However, if you want the benefits of lymphatic massage, as listed above, the lighter, the better.

Powder…. Powder…. Powder…..

When a lymphatic therapist starts a manual lymphatic therapy session, do not be surprised if they sprinkle some powder first.  Powder allows the skin to have grip, and not slide.  In a typical massage, we want to slide along the skin and go deeper into the muscle. But, lymphatic therapy is all about the skin and how the skin is moved to achieve our healing therapy.

What is the most important part of the body to have manual lymphatic drainage therapy?

By far, the neck is the most important part of the body. In the neck is two duct’s that drain the lymphatic fluid into the circulation system.  This is how the body eventually eliminates the lymphatic fluid.  The lymphatic fluid will drip into the blood stream and then pass the heart, the kidney, the bladder and eventually be urinated out.  Most clients have to urinate after (or during) the session.

How much training does a lymphatic therapist have?

This is a huge issue in the massage therapy world.  Some massage therapist take a 20 minute or a one day class to learn lymphatic therapy.  Please, check your therapist.  Erin Murphy at The Local Healing Room is a Dr. Vodder Trained Lymphatic Therapist. She moved to Canada for several months to learn how to handle people with lymphedema, wound care, post surgical care, and bandage wrapping.  The Dr. Vodder School is the most advanced school in the western hemisphere and they also have their own research clinic in Austria. Taking a day class or two is simply not enough training. Please make sure your therapist has at least 180 hours of training.




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