Flu Clue part 1

fungus-on-tree.jpg.644x0_q100_crop-smartIf you had the wonderful pleasure of getting the flu this season, you might understand what it feels like when The PowerRangers are metamorphosing in your small intestine and Master Shredder is trying to except from your large intestine precisely at the same time that Rugrats have invaded your joints.  You might recall the pain in your face from the sinus infection was very intense and delirium took over making Beavis and Butthead appeared to be a quality show.

If the 50 hours of sleep and the old rerun’s of 1990 cartoons did not help in recovery, then perhaps  this small clue will bring you closer to recovery.  If you have mucus and phlegm clogging your nasal passage way, then avoid cheese and/or milk.  Milk products increase the bodies production of phlegm. To reduce phlegm, eat more mushrooms!

The mushroom’s natural environment is moist and damp, permitting them to feed off the elements that promote phlegm and mucus. By eating mushrooms during the flu, you can reduce your bodies ability to create phlegm.

Check out Jeanette web page for directions on making “Creamless Cream of Mushroom Soup”  This blog was nominated for Best Health Blog of 2012, and I am sure the soup is a real delicious treat for any sick person.

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