Bang n Ha!

Several weeks ago I started to search for a new way to reduce stress and continue addressing the need for exercise.  The gym has become too boring  since moving north.  In Miami, the guys all looked like demigods and I found my self spending 15 hours a week in the gym.  The new gym that I attend is over crowed with stressed-out fathers and winey mothers. I started to crave something more exciting and I looked into Pole Dancing.   I located studio’s in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Deerfield Beach.  The flashy abs, stiletto heals, and nearly-bare clothing is attractive, but I look more like a cave troll and sneakers are too complicated for me to walk in.  I decided to put my stripper ambitions on holds for a short while and continue seeking a fun option.

On January 8, the Morikami hosted a Japanese/Chinese New Year Celebration to welcome in the Year of the Black Water Dragon. They had a group performing the Dragon Dance, taiko drummers, and a wide range of other activities.

At the end of the show, a little two year old boy wondered onto the stage as everyone was leaving the entertainment tent.  He found the wooden sticks the drummers used and started to bang on the drum.  I laughed thinking, “Some great parenting job.  The kid got lost and now he is going to ruin someone’s equipment.”  The only problem was that the kid was recklessly good.  Then I realized the kid was a bad ass and he was pounding the hell of the drums while he performed a song.

I also notice the mom sitting on the stage about one arm’s length away.

I picked up a conversation with child’s mom and in the process she suggested that I join the group for a beginners session.  I told her that I had been looking into pole dancing, but I did not have stellio’s.

She just stared at me.

I moved to the Fashu Daiko drumming table and a very nice lady gave me directions to their practice sessions.  She assured me that the class would be a good workout, and it would be at my own pace.  I asked her if the drumming offered more cardio then pole dancing.

She just stared at me.

The dojo happen to be about 15 minutes  way from my house.  How convenient is that!  I did not expect the dojo to be in a warehouse district and I envisioned my own murder as my car creeped down the dark narrow road between warehouses.  Eventually, I found an open garage with a man and a lady banging on the drums.

The man introduced him self as the teacher a lady behind him remembered that I was a pole dancer…..

I was taken back by the friendliness of the people that I meet at the beginners night.  They were super welcoming and kind.  The class happen to be very small with a total of three students and one teacher.  First we did a warm up while calling out numbers in Japanese.   By the end of the night, I learned how to count to five  and to give a proper greetings in japanese.

The other students were helpful and encouraging when it came to my mistakes.  They worked together as a team to show me the proper techniques.  I never felt like I slowed the group down or that I was a bother.  By the end of the night, they hugged me good-by and made me promise I would return.

I did work up a sweat, but nothing too bad.  The next day my triceps, inner thighs, and lower abs were sore. This exercise was like the gym but much more fun.

I must admite, I did not leave the place until 12:30AM because we were talking so much.   I also learned that they were trying to become a non-for-profit organization.  There are several different levels that a person can master on their journey.  Not all of the members are performers, but I think there are different levels of performers and some intermediate students may perform.  However I did not enquire too much about performing.

They will be performing at the National Kidney Walk in a few months.

Please visit their web site for more information at and for more information on the Morikami, please go to

Have fun out there!


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