Don’t Lie – The School

A few weeks ago I decided to check out a local school to see how they did their needling. I invented an excuse to seek medical attention. I told the students that I had some minor stiffness in my hands. After working with Aaron Z. Travis, I should have known better – then to lie.

The students took my medical history as I acted like a scared cat trapped by 3 dogs. I don’t know why I was so up-tight and jittery. I just came back from a facial and a pedicure. However, I felt very anxious and the 2 PM Starbucks latte did not help. The students were very encouraging and reminded me that everyone is very nervous their first time in the school. All 3 students checked my tongue, pulse, and blood pressure before they retrieved the doctor.

The doctor took a look at me and said, “You don’t have a problem with your hand, its your knees.” He was correct. Two nights previous I had to limit my time with the personal trainer because the knee pain was too intense. The doctor had me lay on the table and he manually readjusted my knee. I did not know Doctors of Oriental Medicine offered that type of service.

Besides the knee, the doctor also called out my lie of sleeping too much.  Normally I have a hard time falling asleep, I get the best nightmares in the world, I have lucid dreams, and I wake up through the night.  However, when I was talking to the students, I told them I sleep 10 hours a day.  The doctor also knew that I, “dream too much”.

He directed the students to do the needling and he suggested a herbal concoction.  I took the herbs with out researching their function.  I wanted to experience the differences before I fell under the lull of a placebo effect.

My knee felt better that very same day.  I took the pills as directed and I noticed that I feel asleep earlier, like midnight.  I also found my personality was a bit calmer, my hands did not sweat as much, but I had more dreams.  I also woke up more during the night.  Over all, I felt calmer can less up-tight and my mind did not race so quickly.  Normally my mouth trips over word formations, because I am starting the next thought before finishing the current sentience.

Eventually, I did the research on the pills and they were design to help with anxiety, clammy palms, and it was a sedative.

The doctor also gave me a diet plan – No chicken, not salad, and no sushi. Oh, and no more dreaming.  It seems like I did fail with the salad and the dreaming.  Opps.  There is always another day to listen!

I was so impressed with their service that I returned 2 weeks later.  I have also set a third service date.


Good Luck out there!




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