The Vapor Caves and Yampah Spa

The Vapor Caves are a small secret in a very old miner’s town.  The springs are naturally heated by the volcanic activity under the mountains.  Along side the spring is a network of caves that people are able to sit in.  The only downside is the slight aroma of sulfur.  No one can control the oder but after a few minutes the smell disappears behind all of the beauty of the spa.

The Yampah Spa is a novel idea with a Native American vibe.  This cave was frequent by Native Americans during the Colorado summers and by anyone that decided not to leave the area during the winters.  My sister and I spent most of our day enjoying the cave and the spa.  The spa had a summer special that included a hot bath soak, a body wrap, a massage, and open access to the caves.

I did not anticipate any issues when I set up the appointment, but I found it odd that the receptionist did not suggest a bathing suit.  After my day at The Standard, I inquired about the bathing suit.  The receptionist said it was my chose.  My sister and I backed our bags and headed to the spa. We checked in and got our robes, which…. well…. they definitely were not worth stealing.  My dad use to wear this robe in 1998.  The robes were thin and whimsical and not able to support any moister.

We went down into the caves were we found several different nooks and crannies.  There were nooks with just enough room for a single person and there were spaces where 12 people could sit together.  There was a green rubber hose with ice-cold water and plastic bins.  With in a few minutes I realized the function of the ice water as a nice way to balance or reduce the over all body temperature while laying on the hot stones.  I was able to soak my feet or pour the water over my back.

The staff expected the client to be ready in a circular waiting room for their time slot.  There is no option to bring a phone inside the caves because  the humidity is too high and there is a risk of ruining any electronics.

We estimated our time in the caves then moved to the waiting room.  The waiting room had several different beverages that were placed in precarious spots.  One was a tropical water with citrus fruit, another was water filled with strawberries, and then I discovered a coffee set and tea bags with lemon.

This was my sisters first spa experience so we sat in the waiting room while I explained how it would work.  I told her the first step would be the bath and there was a room with two bath tubs so we could be in the same room, but not in the same tub….. Well there is no time like the present to have your first bathing experience with your sister…. can we say awkward? To my surprise, there was only one tub for the two of us.

The bath room was nice with lemon water, paper cups, and plastic rose peddles in glass jars.  We had our bathing suites and our good humor.  I assured her that no way would be get our body wrap together because it is down without clothing…..OPPS!!! Wrong again! A lady knocked on the bath room door and walked us into a small room with two tables.  This is where I started to beg,  “Please, do you have an extra room?”  The answer was no.  No rooms, no options, only directions to get out of the bathing suit and get on the table. My sister and I took turns getting undressed and laying face down.  My sister did not know what to do with the towels that were placed on the table so she placed it under her chest.  With my cough I called out “You dork, they are not going to flip us over, they will do the wrap with us face down and then do the massage.”  I suggested that my sister move her towel to her face but she did not listen.  After my repeated failures of the day, who would listen to me?

Well, I was wrong again.  They flipped us and she was free from exposure where I was left thinking “Oh My God, this is my sister and not a romance package.”  Then I decided to warn my sister.  The bathroom had two shower heads and we were heading there next.  We spent most of our time discussing how were were going to shower together instead of enjoying the body wrap.

Thankfully, I was wrong again…. They did separate us for a shower.  When I left the shower to find my sister, I discovered a bathing room with two different tubs and two different attendance. I believe our attendant did not want to separate us so she could get a double pay for the service.  NOT COOL.

We went back to the waiting room to wait for the massage therapist.  The room was crowded and my sister and I shared a white  lawn chair.  One lady was called to receive a massage, but she caused a disturbance because she refused to have a male therapist.  I knew my sister or I would get the male.  I assured her that I would switch with her if she was called to see him.

I male massage therapist are at a disadvantage because most woman and most men do not want to be treated by a male. Eventually I was paired with him and I wanted to make him feel better since he was humiliated in front of several people.  I said, “I apologies for your plight.  I am a massage therapist and I know how it feels to not be wanted.”  In other words, I am a jerk because I just offered an apology for his gender and then I tell him I am going to judge everything he does…..well…. opps..

His massage was OK.  He was entirely to deep in my anterior neck and he could cause my lymph nodes to become irritated and suppressed by the pressure.  He also strangled me when he did the deep neck massage.  When he did my back, his pressure was very light. While rubbing my back he bent down to whisper in my ear, “Is this deep enough?”

OMG!  Yes you creeper!

It does not matter how deep the massage is, never whisper in my ear.

It was just a funny day with many mishaps.  I suggest the staff clarify if double bookings are friends or a “couples package”.  During the initial booking the receptionist should ask if the person minds a male therapist.  The spa could get rid of the white plastic lawn chairs in the waiting room.  The over all appearance screams “Up Date!” because the color schemes and the carpet does not command a high price spa.  The spa would be out of business if it had competition in the area.  However, there are not many caves waiting to be commandeered and transferred into a spa.

I would suggest everyone try  to try it.  With a specially priced package it is worth the experience.   It was a great experience despite the minor lack of proper operation management.

Have Fun Out There – Where Ever You Are,

Erin T. Murphy

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3 thoughts on “The Vapor Caves and Yampah Spa

  1. Well, on a good note..
    At least it wasn’t your little brother with you instead! haha

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