Aaron Z. Travis

A few months ago, I took an opportunity to work in Del Ray Beach and during that time, I met Aaron Z Travis.  He seemed nice, but I did not put much thought into acupuncture.  I had tried it in the past, but I did not like it because the therapist attached the needles  an electrical stimulation machine.

Needles + electricity= NO BUENO!!!

I reluctantly accepted Aaron’s offer for a treatment.  I confessed that I was a smoker and I wanted to quit. He assured me that he could help.  He took my wrist and held it with his fingers and then he listed a few different medical issues that I was aware of, but did not share with him.  He also noticed my red swollen joints.  My fingers and ankles were indeed killing me!  My joints are usually red and swollen, but I did not expect Aaron to address the issue.  I also had pain in my ankles and the bottom of my feet.  Once again, he assured me he could help. – but I was not sold.

Aaron took me into one of his rooms and placed needles into my legs, arms, naval, and forehead without pain.  Before leaving, he turned on the music and wished me a good night.  After he left, I started to feel a strange pulse moving throughout my body.  It was in my throat and other times it was in my stomach.  Sometimes I could feel several circles moving around.  My right hand started to move slowly with my direction.  This was crazy, intense and nothing like the previous experience.

After about 20 minutes, he came into the room and removed all of the needles without creating pain.  Most importantly, there was no redness or stiffness in my joints.  The pain in my ankles did not return and I quite smoking.  My friend went to him for her smoking addiction and she quite with his help.  I can not explain it, but the man is amazing!

How has he changed my life?

I have the ability to go to medical school.  I have the MCAT scores, the GPA, the experience, a lot of leadership skills, and inducted in 5 national honorary organizations.  However, after working with him, I have been moved to seek more information about acupuncture and becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  I spent more than $1600.00 on blood work and 4 different medical doctors and I could not get diagnosed.  All of the doctor agreed that there was a strong likelihood of an autoimmune disease, but they all failed to administer a treatment to reduce the pain or other symptoms.  It does not matter to me what is wrong, as long as I can live with out the pain.

Aaron does not have a web page that I can list.  He does very little marketing and most of his clients are word of mouth.  If you would like to get his number, please call, email or send me a text and I will get it to you.

Thanks all – Good luck out there!

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